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Prof Alexia Thomas Probes UK Police Commissioner...On Scandalous Cases of Commonwealth Citizens' Death Buried in Secret Graves

*Reveals Police Officers Legislative Abuse, Failure to Protect Commonwealth Citizens' Rights Infringement
*Faults British PM, David Cameron's Immigration Allotment to reprogrammed Immigration Officers as Stormtroopers
*Talks about Dangerousity of Communications Act 2003 Legislation, Why Ruling UK Govt Never Faced Challenges on Destruction of Legislative Equality Bills with Legalized Despotism
* PLUS Reasons she Copied Queen Elizabeth II, Prince of Wales, Prime Minister, Buckingham Police Dept, Parliament; House of Commons, Foreign & Commonwealth Office
*QUOTES: “Despotism can only exist in Darkness, and there are too many lights now in the political firmament to permit it to remain anywhere, as it has heretofore done, almost everywhere”-James Madison (4th US President 1751-1836)
* “We cannot drive the Wagon into the Future without Retrogressing to the Past”-Prof. Alexia Thomas
* “The Free man cannot be long an Ignorant man”-William McKinley

“IF the government becomes a law breaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself, it invites anarchy. To declare that in the administration of criminal law the end justifies the means 'to declare that the government may commit crimes in order to secure the conviction of a private criminal' would bring terrible retribution”, postulates Louis D. Brandeis

Case Logs of Commonwealth Citizens' Right Violation...Dead Victims Hidden in Secret Graves

Narrating the case logs of Commonwealth citizens' right violation by British Immigration mercenaries acting as Stormtroopers of Hitlers and Nazis, Professor Alexia Thomas, Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, a British opposition government lists various activities carried out by them as: “Bounty Hunters Killing For Gratuities Gains, Prime Minister David Cameron Extortion Of Immigration Allotment To Reprogrammed Immigration Officers To Work As Stormtroopers Silently Killing Commonwealth Citizens and Burying Them In Unmarked Graves. 'Injustice To One Is Injustice To All'; Police Officers Legislation Abuse, Police Officers Involvement In Hate Crimes, Police Station Cells Used For False Imprisonment, Police Officers Failure To Protect Commonwealth Citizens Rights Infringement, Police Officers Deliberational Involvement In Covert Operations; Police Officers Violations Of Commonwealth Citizens Civil Rights And Executing False Charges and Police Officers Deliberational Omission Of Legislative Facts Allowing United Kingdom To Be Confraternised In Destructive Legislation Of Equality Bills.”

Writes on Authority of TCLP to British Commissioner of Police

Writing on the authority of TCLP, an officially registered political party in London, Professor Thomas expressed her views that Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner of Police, New Scotland Yard could be stripped off his Honour for allowing injustice to be orchestrated on the citizens of the nations of Commonwealth when she said: “On the Authority of TCLP, I write to your Office. Do not expect the tone of my Letter to be delightful. In notification of your Title as a Sir, it depicts a Service acknowledged by her Majesty Government and your background profile as a Law Graduate is evidence your Appointment is not by Error. In my submission, I have serious worries that you could be stripped of your Honours because you allowed Injustice to be orchestrated on the Citizens from the Nations of Commonwealth. As the Head of the Metropolitan Police, this will mean:Citizens Safeguard is of Paramount, Race Not To Be Discriminated, Equality An Acceptable Motto, Segregation To Be Stamped Out.”

Immigration Enforcement Officers Malicious Activities as Bounty Killers for Gratuity Gains

Revealing how Immigration Enforcement officers embark on malicious activities as bounty killers purposely for gratuity gains, Professor Thomas asked the Commissioner of Police some hypothetical questions. Her posers: “Mr. Commissioner, your Office cannot be in denial of death tolls of Commonwealth Citizens. The British Immigration Officers have been destructive as their views of the Commonwealth Citizens are Human Bugs, a Virus to be exterminated when the British Immigration Enforcement themselves are the enemies of the British People purported to serve”, which she confirmed in one of her philosophies which states that “We Cannot Drive The Wagon Into The Future Without Retrogressing To The Past.”

In a letter written on February 26, 2016 addressed to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Professor Thomas talks about the death toll of Commonwealth citizens: “Mr. Commissioner, your Officers have made no effort to inform deceased Victims’ Families of their children assailant. Deaths in the Detention Centres comes to the attention of the Police before the bodies are taken to the morgue, the Police called to the scene and yet dead Victims are denied Autopsy and your Office knows these deaths are Homicides and still under Covert Operations these deaths are covered.

“The UK Government steals Commonwealth Nations Natural Resources, control their Economy, destabilize their Currency, failed to give them Independence but instead gave them Sovereignty until The Commonwealth Liberation Party gave them Independence by unlocking the code of Knowledge through International Bill of Patriot Mandate

“Mr. Commissioner, Mr. Cameron instigate Immigration Officers to kill Commonwealth Citizens just as his Ancestors in the past stole from the Caribbean’s by forcing their settlement in Grange Sugar Estate in Jamaica without a Residence Permit, only an Outlaw bandit exhibit such qualities.

“The Police Institution is the executor of Justice and Enforcement, yet the deaths of Commonwealth Citizens being buried in unmarked graves have been silent to the People and not even dead Victims’ families knows their Children assailant. “Mr. Commissioner, your Officers have made no effort to inform deceased Victims’ Families of their children assailant.

“Mr. Prime Minister Ancestral Families robbed the Coloured People, stole their land to harvest Sugar Cane, killed them, destroyed their Future in new dawn and surprisingly trait is mark genetic inscription on Mr. Cameron as he continued the Ritual of Black Peoples scarification in the 21st Century and this monstrosity must be stopped.
“Why must Immigration Officers be appraised as Bounty Hunters? British Immigration Officers commit Heinous Crimes against these People of Coloured, yet there has been no Probe, Sack, Charges and Termination of Personnel’s of these Immigration Stormtroopers brought to Justice. Mr Cameron applaud evil against Humanity preparing his unconscious destruction for the British People.”

Why Commissioner of Police Must open Historical & Current Cases of Homicide

For the purpose of truth, justice, fairness and posterity, Professor Thomas brings to the attention of Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe the need to open historical and current cases of homicides. She said this when she explained that “Mr. Commissioner, your Office must open Historical and Current Cases of Homicides as Judgement must prevail, hence no Man is above the Law. Failure to open these investigations becomes evidential Race Superiority Complex is a sicken trait, therefore Britain rather be an Island of her own, so Commonwealth Nations not be cheated in a White Man’s deceit to steal their Gold and give them Rubbles.

“Evidence proving that Immigration Officers killed unlawfully is in a letter on our Server which in its re-investigation is a cold case as Justice is required for the unlawful death of the Commonwealth Citizens and ignorance of duties is death of service can be access via or Website at

UK Prime Minister's continual Extortion of Immigration Allotment

Professor Thomas further brings to the fore-knowledge of the Commissioner of Police the continual extortion of Immigration allotment of David Cameron, Britain's Prime Minister. She analyzed it by saying “The Prime Minister continual extortion of Immigration Allotment is the reason Immigration Officers are committing Stormtroopers Crimes. How could Britain’s Civilization be Mocked? Why will Immigration Enforcers become Bandits? They break homes daily with Fake warrants, they destroy Commonwealth Citizens Properties, they Vandalize their Homes, Arresting them like Criminals, Harassing them and Kidnapping them at Train and Bus Stations.

“Reawakening your Social Studies on Immigration Law, a Sham Legislative Confraternity that hinges on Mr. Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood Speech of the 20th April 1968, geared at Depowering Coloured People Civilization Enrichment.

“The Mythological Truth is no Immigration Officer is issued a Warrant by any Court of the Land, hence it is not Criminal matter, yet Immigration Officers are continual in possession of fake Warrants printed from their Computers and non has been convicted till date for Triable Offence under the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981, s.2 and s.6.

“Immigration Law is a Civil Case and not Criminal, Police Officers cannot escort Immigration Officers to Commonwealth Citizens Home as it is Rights infringement and Violation coerced by Hate Crime Brutality.

“Britain still lives on continuous receipt of Royalties from Nations of Commonwealth and her accumulated Wealth pays your Officers, yet your Nation exploit Commonwealth’s Economy, lives on their Citizens Labour and still destroy their values as a People; How can your Mind not draw your guilt that your institution failed these People of Black and Coloured. These actions of Human Degradations are not termed Racism anymore it is simply Hatism.
“Taking you to retrospect of your Office commensuration, Sir John Waldron, your Predecessor and graduate from Hendon Police College was the main figure who confraternized the Metropolitan Institutional Police Force to perpetrate Injustice on the Commonwealth Citizens when appointed by Conservative Party as a Commissioner from 1968 to 1972.”

Police Officers Legislation Abuse

This British fiery Human Right Advocate narrates how police officers work hand-in-hand with Immigration Office to commit hate crimes against the coloured people in their attempt to weed them as a bug. 'Royal Mother' as being fondly called says: “Police Officers are now in connivance with Immigration Office to commit Hate Crimes against the People of Coloured in their intention to weed them as bug. Police and Immigration Officers raid Coloured People’s Homes with Fake Warrants, intentionally ignoring the Law. Immigration Officers in Possession of Fake Warrants are automatically guilty of possession of False Instruments which is 6 (six) month imprisonment, but instead aided and abetted by Police Officers in their dangerousity to perpetrate crimes of Human Destruction.

“Mr. Commissioner, Crimes by Coercion is Obstruction of Justice, this is not Britain we Hail. Police Officers witnessed Homes of Coloured People being broken down, yet they applaud the Tyranny. Sadly, the Police Force needs serious mind Civilization, hence they now are Abusers of Law by Reckless Brutality. Mr. Enoch Powell, the Tyrant who build Commonwealth Citizens destruction, his atrocities against Humanity, went unchecked because your Predecessors aided and abetted him.

“Commonwealths deaths investigation suppressed and Victims buried in unmarked graves on Coverts Operation. Death Certificates registered as Suicide instead of Homicide. Immigration Legislative has been Confraternised, so Injustice is charted as a Law and the Voice of Justice is Silent. Sir John Waldron allowed Immigration Abuse went unchecked, death of Commonwealth Citizens in detention centres who are Victims of Homicides were covered up and no Immigration Officers till date has faced Criminal trials of Commonwealth Citizens Deaths Accountability.

“Britain still regard Commonwealth Citizens as Slaves but the lowest of the White People are spoken about on TV and Media over the slightest matters, but over Five Thousand (5000) Deaths caused by Immigration Bandit are covered up by your Officers and the Metropolitan Police Institution has failed these People of Coloured in generality.

“This is 21st Century, are we running Democracy or Autocratic Government? You will agree with me, that Democracy must die by 2021, so I advised you and your Officers to Watch Democracy Death And Act Of Politics Birth from Youtube Channel at or TCLP Party Website and the Mythological Truth will teach you Political Knowledge lacked, so Politicians of destitute Homes will no longer brainwash the Police.

“Your Metropolitan Police actions depicts denial of responsibilities in that Coloured People lives means nothing and not worthy of the State Police time, yet you employ Coloured Officers in pretence to welcome their Race in your workforce; Only if they know they are just Puppets, no Coloured Officers will take your Job Offers, if they have principles.

“As a Commissioner, since you assumed Office in 2011, many more deaths of Commonwealth Citizens are recorded in Detention Centres, yet your Office kept a blind eye, the question on your Conscience, your duties are to who? Is it to the Politicians or to the Citizens?

“The Police Force will agree that the ruling Government has gone Mad, starting with the Speech of Mr. Enoch Powel on the 20th April 1968. Mr. Enoch Powell Plot of destruction as a Conservative Government in their Klu Klux Klan Assembly crafted Today’s destruction Operational Code Name called ---- Rivers Of Blood Speech. Watch this on Youtube Channel At: if it was not taught in your Social Studies. United Kingdom Monarchical Government is in shame as Queen Elizabeth II failed her Oath of Coronation in 1953 declared to Protect these People of Coloured.

“The Metropolitan Police Institution illicitly allowed the insane actions from Immigration Enforcement Officers to function as replica of Hiltler and Nazis Stormtroopers who killed Fifty Million (15,000,000) Jews. The Deaths of Commonwealth Citizens has never been debated in the News because the Media outfit has equally been Confraternised using Legislative Confraternity of Communications Act 2003.

“Mr. Commissioner, your actions proved your Office is used to serve the Politicians illogical ideas. Injustice is charted as a Law and the Voice of Justice is Silent. As a Leader of the Metropolitan Police Force, you have the Authority not to enforce Hate Crimes Legislation, because Injustice Law promulgation can be halt by your Authority if you are Principled and Logical to the Truth when it contravenes the Rules.

“Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, you have relegated Truth as garbage and allowed David Cameron’s leadership, dump, deaf and blind your Authority. Why have you allowed yourself to swim in a shallow pond meant for Catfish, but the real you is a Shark to swim in a Sea water but corrupted in Political Appointment an Eyebite of your Office. People with Sir titles are Men of Principle. Principality is the Will Power to be yourself.

“I draw your attention to matters of deliberation in highlights, this statement must never be undermined as it is archived, displayed on Public Server and the Monarchical Government is copied, so your reverse action to Pursuit Justice of Service to the Citizens of the Commonwealth Nations is surveyed daily. Justification to the Peoples Will and your Service of Truth is expected and non-connivance with Politicians to enforce Hate Crimes Legislation. Remember if you marry David Cameron illogical commands, he will be out of Power by 2019, then the New Government will demand accountability as ignorance will not permit your blind eye to evade Justice.

UK Govt brings shame to British citizens and Commonwealth Nations

Regarding how activities of the UK Government has brought shame on the British people and members of Commonwealth nations, Professor Thomas stated that: “United Kingdom Government has brought shame to her Citizens and Commonwealth. The Monarchy has brought shame to her Commonwealth and failed the Commonwealth. The Police Institution is lust for Political Appointments allowing herself Institutionalized into Political Confraternity.

“Parliament are powered by the British Bill of Rights 1686 and same confers to the British people and her Commonwealth. The Peoples Bill of Will uncompromisable must stand as enthroned by the definition of the Constitution.

“Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Truth not in denial is United Kingdom will lose her Sovereignty in the 3rd World War 40 years from today by 2055. If you forgot Political Mythology, you will not let history hide the Truth from the Future generation the 2nd World War of 1937, United Kingdom nor her Monarchy will not exist today. The Police Institution permitting the ruling Politicians to copy a Fascist style of German Government of 1937 will destroy the British People.

“Constitution strictly defines her practise, the abrasive Conservative Government has contravened the practise Act, rather in their Authoritarianism, have Institutionalized Britain to a serious Confraternized State.

The Dangerousity of Communication Act 2003 Legislation

Educating the Commissioner of Police on the dangers inherent on the Communication Act 2003 to the well-being of the people, she explains: “The dangerousity of Communications Act 2003 Legislation is why the ruling Government has never faced challenges on their destruction to the People because the Government operates a Legalized Despotism. Reference to COMMUNICATIONS ACT 2003, a Confraternised Legislation that kills the well-being of Political Parties and paralyzed their Locus-Standi in the United Kingdom. Illustration – Rule 7 of the BCAP Code – Prohibition For Advertiser: “Influencing the outcome of elections or referendums, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere; Bringing about changes of the law in the whole or a part of the United Kingdom or elsewhere, or otherwise influencing the legislative process in any country or territory

“Influencing the policies or decisions of local, regional or national governments, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere; Influencing the policies or decisions of persons on whom public functions are conferred by or under the law of the United Kingdom or of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom; Influencing the policies or decisions of persons on whom functions are conferred by or under international agreements; Influencing public opinion on a matter which, in the United Kingdom, is a matter of public controversy; promoting the interests of a party or other group of persons organized, in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, for political ends.

Defining the Constitution

On the need for the Commissioner of Police to abide by the tenets of the Constitution, Professor Thomas elaborates on Constitution by quoting the words of Thomas Jefferson, 3rd United States President which says “We Hold These Truth To Be Self-Evident, That All Men Are Created Equal, That They Are Endowed By Their Creator With Certain Inalienable Rights, Which Among These Are Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness. That To Secure These Rights That Governments Are Instituted Among Men, Deriving Their Just Powers From The Consent Of The Governed. That Whenever Any Form Of Government Becomes Destructive Of Those Ends, It Shall Be Right Of The People To Alter Or Abolish It, And To Institute New Government, Laying Its Foundations Upon Such Principles, And Organizing Its Powers In Such Form, As Shall Seem To Them Most Likely To Effect Their Safety And Happiness.

“British People’s lives are endangered daily, as Truth no longer visit their corridors because the Media Agency like the News, Television and Broadcast Medium have all being confraternized because the Government dictates what will be transmitted on Air, a ghostly injection on Society.

In a letter also copied to “Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, I tell you today, Mr. Cameron will lead the British People to drown in the Atlantic Ocean; If the United Kingdom is expecting United States of America to help them, my Prediction is that in 2026, Mr. Donald Trump will make Americans turn their back on United Kingdom for Europe to grant Russia an Air Base to destroy Britain.

“The Police Institution is strongly warned to shame Injustice chartered as Laws rendering the Voice of Justice silent or lose Britain. The destruction of Human Race with Legislative Confraternity is the destruction of Britain
“All Men of this Era are Coward Babies buttered by Piece of Paper Money from the printing machine, so they like their comfort and watch United Kingdom as a Country turned into a Game of Chess, by Men from bandits background like David Cameron an Ancestral product of Slaves ownership. The worst profession is Human Slavery, so the British People allowing Mr. Cameron rule them is a Cartelistic flaws waiting to destroy United Kingdom just as Hitler destroyed the German People.

“We cannot blind the People, deny them Eyesight; the vague is a cartelistic flaw because illiterates now govern Britain, and this insanity of Men dangerousity to Human Race will not grow their Gem in Place of great Eye Men in which I am the Headship of 21st Century Total Transformation and my silent will bring Jeopardy, denying Humans Protection and Security the values I so believed must be defended till my death, so I will not compromise Truth for Corruption, and playing in my field is a bomb of Truth.

“Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, how could Britain allowed Men in Government confraternize Freedom of Broadcast that could influence Legislation, that dictate the Will of good governance preposition, because we cannot Rule the People in Blind and we cannot deny the People Sight.

Copied Queen Elizabeth II, Prince of Wales, Prime Minister, Buckingham Police Dept, Parliament; House of Commons, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

In a letter also copied to Queen Elizabeth II, Prince of Wales, Prime Minister, Buckingham Police Dept, Parliament; House of Commons, Foreign & Commonwealth Office in a bid to bring to their attention all salient issues raised, Professor Thomas said: “The Police should stop the Immigration Officers commissioned as Cameron’s Stormtroopers to stop killing the Commonwealth Citizens, stop destroying their Values as they are not the British Peoples problem but instead the British are their own muggers because they cannot survive without the Commonwealth Continent. The sad reality is how can the Offspring of a dangerous bandit settled to free his Slaves forced owned Human properties be the Prime Minister of our Country.

“Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, as a Law graduate, I would have expected you challenged the Obscenity of Cameron’s Government, rather you will say it has nothing to do with you, yet you owe the People Security Safeguard and the Nation preview alert to expose these atrocities committed against the Citizens of Commonwealth. Your Officers must check themselves without doubt, they have failed their Strangers unequivocally and your Land, their Settlement, their Land, Your Settlement is at brink of destruction.

“The whole British Police Force needs serious overhauling of their institution as as their criminality has brought dis-reputation to Law integrity. You have soaked yourself in Political Mud of Corruption. The British Police as a Force now confraternized and using deceit diplomacy to imprison uprise by relegating People to Prison and the Enemies of the Peoples Freedom enriched their coffers by Power remand to drain the People.

UK Parliament to Dissolve Cameron's Govt

Calling on Parliament to dissolve Cameron’s administration, Professor Thomas retrogressed into divinity by stating that “Retrogressing to Mythology, UK almost lost the 2nd World War but survived it with the aid of their American families. I will be calling on Parliament to dissolve Cameron Government or else Britain should be ready for Invasion by Russia because the wrongs of David Cameron will hunt UK in coffins of their open graves.
“Ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher championed Commonwealth Citizens destruction by emulating Mr. Enoch Powell and current Prime Minister David Cameron admired the illogical Legislation of his Predecessors. Mr. Cameron’s agenda of Britain on EU relationship led to continual brainwashed of the British People to accept EU Vote that is the bedrock of Commonwealth Nations Destruction.

“The Police a State Institution, witnessed German’s destruction of Britain in 1937, yet they welcomed illogical ideas of Leaders thinking they are controlling Power of this Great Kingdom like their mother’s kitchen. The Voice of our Great Sir Winston Churchill cries from the grave, as Britain invites destruction upon herself.

“The continuation of Highlighted Subjects below and insight elaboration will reach your Office by the 14th March 2016, for enough time to digest the Case Logs of this letter: Police Officers Involvement In Hate Crimes, Police Station Cells Used For False Imprisonment, Police Officers Failure To Protect Commonwealth Citizens Rights Infringement, Police Officers Deliberational Involvement In Covert Operations, Police Officers Violations Of Commonwealth Citizens Civil Rights And Executing False Charges; Police Officers Deliberational Omission Of Legislative Facts Allowing United Kingdom To Be Confraternised In Destructive Legislation Of Equality Bills.
“Mr. Commissioner, it is now: Your Office -Versus- The Public, Your Defense -Versus- Public Trust, Your Action -Versus- Peoples Uprise, Your Resignation -Versus-Your Duties.

“The TCLP, The British People and The Commonwealth Nations await Restorative Justice for the Victims of British Immigration Stormtroopers in UK Detention Centres. The Coloured Peoples Justice must stand as Britain and her Commonwealth must be United to disgrace the Enemies of their Sovereignties.”

*QUOTES: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”-Albert Einstein
*“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe”-Frederick Douglas
*“If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so”-Thomas Jefferson
* “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”-Winston Churchill

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